NOTES FROM A PRIVILEGED LOCKDOWN, DAY 30 something (I haven’t left home in one full month)

I am reminded that money is like food:

– it is impossible to not think about it, when you are hungry;
– when you do have enough, you should be thinking about something else;
– in excess, it can actually distract from happiness;
– it is natural to need it, is it human to grow a passion for it; it is dangerous for one’s own health to obsess with it.

Apparently, the evolution of the Human species was inversely proportional to how much time and energy had to be spent getting a full stomach.
So agriculture/livestock versus gathering/hunting have granted human efforts more time to evolve scientifically and spiritually.

By the same token, spending most of our waking hours trying to make money (whether moved by NEED or driven by COMPULSION), will keeps us from evolving.

First item on the TO-DO list I take home (where else!) from this:

1) Assess the 3 groups: NEED – PASSION – COMPULSION

NEED is what makes us all the same: we all NEED to be free from danger, fear, hunger, loneliness, humiliation, pain.

( Internet and espresso also make my list.)

The dignity in meeting our needs varies from a few factors: how much effort is required to satisfy those needs, and how our livelihood compares with the “neighbors’”.
Like: if the temporary lower-key lifestyle ahead of us will allow to stay decent inside and out, improve social relations and have more time in our hands, then maybe it is something to venture into with a certain cautious curiosity. . .

PASSION on the contrary, makes us unique and different from one another.
Our passions make life worth living, they define us, and thus can help us find our kindred spirits.
Speaking for myself:
travel, Lindy Hop,
house décor, good vodka.

All that will have to wait, it is not necessary, and will be SO SUMPTUOUSLY enjoyed when affordable again. Can’t wait!

COMPULSION: can remove us not only from others, but from ourselves too.
First thing that comes to mind on my list: a specific brand of shoes (I used to treat myself to one pair every year. You know the kind of frenzy that makes you lie about the price tag, first to your spouse and then yourself?)

But what a great opportunity this moment in time is
to not only recognize COMPULSION, but also overcome it, conquer it, defeat it.

(In the previous draft, I had placed the expensive shoes in the “Passion” category… See, this exercise seems to be already working!)

For practice, I tried this assessment with coffee, this morning:

– First shot is an undeniable need.
– Second is the most enjoyed: pure passion!
– Third is just me giving in to compulsion.

Enough already!
Tomorrow, 2 coffees. And if the going gets tough. One coffee.

Anyone out there willing to share one passion and one compulsion?
– – – – – – –

Second item on my NEED-PASSION-COMPULSION TODO list, tomorrow.

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