This morning I wake up with Calico, our lady cat, peacefully laying on me. I keep still for a while so as not to disturb her, but then I have to give in to the irresistible urge to roll to my side. I am sure she is going to jump off the bed in disdain as she always has; instead she turns into a seagull on a driftwood: she just stays on top. I roll to the other side.
She stays on top…

Nothing major, really. It’s just that we have had Calico for 15 years, and it’s the first time I notice she now does that: stay afloat. Look for balance.
I give credit to Lockdown for having the time to notice the nearly-irrelevant. But pleasantly symbolic, in a minimal way.

– – – – – – – –

I get up with this project: raid our 5 bathrooms and 5 kitchens, collect all supplies that are usually in our guest apartments, available with the formula
“ need one take one – have one leave one”,
and decide to use it ALL.
Cut expenses, reduce waste, get to know new products.
Looks like I will not be buying toiletry til fall…

I try a travel size with no label, of something that smells like shampoo.
Voilà! Now I look like Marge Simpson, and not in a good way..
I am a bit more cautious now about trying the sample size clear spray. Tonic? Bug repellant? Rustoleum?
I’ll wear goggles, just in case.
But for the most part: lots of expensive, high quality brands that I usually don’t afford. My guests have such good taste!

– – – — –
During this time of indefinite domestication, I originally wanted to learn a few simple recipes from Marco, and teach him how to send an e-mail or search on Google (we are both klutzes in each other’s departments, except Marco cooks much better than I handle the web).

Today I changed my mind. I want to learn something super fast and easy that HE doesn’t master.

– – – – – – –

In the meantime, I traded some of our powdered stinging nettle with Carla, the grand-daughter of my grand-father’s share-cropper.
Nowadays, we are rightfully peers.
(She just knows a lot more about plants than me).
So she taught me how to recognize, gather and cook “strigoli” which literally means “squeakies”, because you can tell the good ones if they squeak when you rub them together. Convenient!

A little more carefully than with unlabelled toiletry, I am determined to learn to use what’s there, before my eyes, powerful, ecological, free of charge.

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