written March 15th 2020

9AM ish: I wonder how many automatic actions we perform at certain times and not others, because we just have to, or simply because we have learned it is more appropriate.

I break from that, now that I can, and follow my natural inclination: like waking up with the sound of the third round of the church bells, and not the first.

Like having one of my 2 glasses of red wine a day at 10AM ish. (I can see this one becoming a habit – driving permitting).

That doesn’t mean more; just different moments of the day.

Having the time to reconsider and rearrange is a privilege.

Compliments of COVID19

11AM ish : Giotto and Marco go for a run. Eva is baking a chocolate cake. (which will disappear in a few hours, like yesterday’s). Lunch is – predictably – stinging nettle and lentil soup.

2PM ish: The weather is glorious, and allows us to think forward to spring and the natural warmth that scientists say will be unwelcoming to the COVID19 virus.
More important: the village baker still bakes bread twice a day. Cash only.
So I decide to walk to the second nearest ATM, about 90 minutes of renaissance scenery.

5PM ish: I clean up my Spotify playlists. I didn’t think it would feel so good. Removing the music that no longer moves me makes what stays sound better. And, as it happens when I finally bring myself to cleaning up anything, I find what I thought was lost, and better yet: I find what I forgot I even had.
Memories of a past life: You’re my home, by Billie Joel.

Marco and I share a beer. Instead of drinking it straight out of the bottle, we pour it in our best crystal glasses.

There is plenty of time for hand washing.

In this mode, I propose a dressy dinner code for tonight.
Motion rejected. I will try again tomorrow.
I now realize I haven’t seen my husband in a tie EVER. Could the Coronavirus era be the one I will refer to when telling my grandchildren the amazing story of when their Grandpa wore a tie?

I fall asleep wondering how we will remember the Coronavirus emergency in 10 years or so.

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