Campagna Toscana
Paesaggio Toscano


As a member, you will have access to a historical private property which can’t comply with the standard tourist requirements such as wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, fire escape and a stainless steel professional kitchen. (Ours is not a museum, but a real private home built almost 900 years ago! )

SO PLEASE FILL THE FORM YOU HAVE RECEIVED. It is used only to allow your participation to the tour you booked.

When you book more than one activity, your 25€ will be discounted form the second activity.

Also, when you become an Accidental Tourist member, you are entitled access to all our activities including barter program and hospitality exchange.


  1. Understand! The most important part of our work is you. You are the Rhyme and Reason of the Accidental Tourist, and we’ll d our best to show you we mean it. We are a small family-owned business, and we will bend over backwards to make it all memorable for you. But an occasional (seldom!) emergency may cause an activity to cancel. If you supply us with a phone contact we’ll be sure to inform you in due time!
  2. Be considerate! If you run late at the meeting point, we’ll be happy to wait for you as long as possibile. Just make sure you let us know before departure time!
  3. Share! Tell us and your fellow travelers your stories.
  4. Be curious! We have members from all over the world. Diversity is such a resource! Connect through the similarities, and learn from the differences.
  5. Relate! Have you heard of the “6 degrees of separation”? If you look for something in common with ANYONE, you will find it.
  6. Be open! Open your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, heart. All the extra pleasure you can soak in is free, and all yours to take home.
  7. Belong!  Yes, you can take pictures. Yes, you can take your shoes off, lay on the couch, swing on the swing, ask crazy questions, ask for more wine, take a nap on our Accidental Tourist bed. Make yourself at home in our home. You are one of us.

Majla, I hope this note finds you well.  As I look through old photos & reflect on this year, I realize that our day with you may have been our best.  It was beyond doubt the most meaningful to our daughter, Helen, about to leave for university. In a summer of tumult, she was so calm in your kitchen.  So present, so taken by the kindness.  She loved working with her hands.  I think something shifted in her brain, or maybe her heart.  When we left, she said to me on the walk home, “Steve is the happiest person I’ve ever met – She realized – he had designed his life. Lived as he wanted to live:  fully, with richness, beauty, and kindness.”  She saw a carpet of options unrolling before her. Her life would no longer be a box.
Finally, thank you for all you do to make this world a more beautiful place.  If you ever feel it goes unnoticed, it does not.  Your fingerprints are all over my child.

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