But first I had coffee, turned on the computer for a quick check of emails, then replied to WhatsApp messages…

And when I went outside the snow was gone.
Figure this: I can’t leave the house by law, I haven’t seen snow in a couple of years, the gods deliver some to my door, I have nothing to do, yet I manage to be late to take the delivery…

How could I not have time for something so cool and free and simple?

And then it dawns on me: because time cannot be had.
It can hardly be found.
Most often it has to made.
With all due precautions it can be stolen too.
Occasionally, time can also be bought, (though not in great quantity).

So assuming that despite COVID19 the Earth is taking the same 24 hours as usual to rotate on its axe, I still have approximately 16 waking hours to do stuff.
Time must have it’s good percentage of spandex, if it can stretch to fit a full time job and a half, dance lessons, yoga classes, an interactive marital life, 2 children at home, most weekends out of town, some sort of social life, almost 8 hours of sleep..

..and still stay full after removing 75% of all that.

Like lycra leggings that keep feeling skin-tight after losing 20 pounds, yet can still be pulled up to the waist and allow to breath comfortably after the Christmas holidays in an Italian family.

That’s why my Lockdown fantasy of having all this extra time to get all these so very many projects done, is proving to be a delusion.

After these past few days of total anarchy (quite enjoyed) and one down the drain, I feel the need to keep track of something, or MAKE time for something – anything – at a specific time.
Because unless I intentionally shove something into my Spandex Time, it will not spontaneously give up any room.

“ Lose weight, exercise more, save money and learn something” is a typical New Year’s Resolution List………and It stays that. A list.

They say the difference between a wish and a plan is in the figures: add kilos, inches, liters, hours, euros, degrees, magnitude.. And blurry desires for improvement gain the definition of a project.

As this moment in time is in more than one way the end of something, it must also be the beginning of something else: a perfect time to start something new.

So tomorrow I’ll make a list of resolutions…

… and THAT is a blurry fantasy.

Take 2:

On MARCH 30th, after my SECOND coffee, before 10AM, I will write a list of 3 items that will be accomplished by the end of the day, and 4 more to achieve within next SUNDAY.
And later on that same day, I will come up with 5 items for my bucket list.

Question: is WHILE I AM ALIVE considered a specific timeframe?

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