About Us

What we are not:

We are not a travel agent: we don’t want to teach you: we want to host you;
We take small groups: we are not for more, we are for better;
We don’t ask for payment unless you are happy with your day with us;
We don’t believe in routine: every day is different, each guest is unique;

Who we are, what we believe:

Our goal is to show our beloved Tuscany through the back door, to give you the inside story, to take you inside the beating heart of a private home in Chianti.
In order to do that, we carry out a lot of fun activities, and we share them with our fellow members.
Before you look into what we do, please take a moment to read what we believe in:

  • there is a difference between a tourist and a traveler; if you belong to the latter category,
    we like you already!
  • every visitor is different and deserves to be noticed and respected because of that: your religion, your political inclinations, your ethnic group, your country of origin, your gender, are an opportunity of growth for us and the people around you;
  • food, wine and real people are paramount cultural elements, as important as the largest art museum, or the most awe-inspiring cathedral;
  • approaching a foreign culture should always be fun and pleasurable: we have enough “homework” to do as it is…;
  • Even a fellow traveler can be a great source of information!
  • Seasons are important: enjoying roasted chestnuts and a glass of hot spiced wine in the winter by the fire and looking forward to the first fresh strawberries means accepting and enjoying the passing of time, which is essential to a good life;
  • Money shouldn’t be but a byproduct of a job well done.

If you can relate to our philosophy, you are officially invited to join our club and become an Accidental Tourist

Become an Accidental Tourist!

“This was a perfect day, indeed! How authentic! How beautiful! How relaxing! How delicious! This was the best day of our trip so far, money well spent and a great bargain! (And the best bruschetta and tiramisu’ I’ve ever had! ) A really great time!”


Marco and Majla, the Accidental Tourists

In this period, tours will run regulary. However we are sold out on all tours exept WEDNESDAY 14TH, WINE & COOK 9:30-5:00 PM.
If you have questions please allow up to 48 hours for an email response or up to 8 hours for whatsapp reply (+39 3486020257)
If already have a booking and need to contact your guide, please call +39 3483220557