In the heart of Chianti, yet with Florence in sight, 18 years after we founded the Accidental Tourist we still thoroughly enjoy sharing our tradition and appreciation for wine and authentic food, adapting to your time budget, with our full-day and half-day tours.
Time, practice, experience (and curiosity!) have helped us perfect our hands-on cooking class to minimize gluten and carb content in our fresh pasta making class, to create food that is just as delicious, but lighter: so you can eat more!

Our wine tours are not so much about wine science and technology; we aim at authenticity, discovery, tradition, pride, history, the undiscovered.
Our home is a watchtower built is 1146, and has been in our family for 6 generations.
Opening our home in Tuscany to our guests – with a special passion for families, solo travelers, couples – has been our work and passion since 1998.
However our welcoming heritage has deeper roots that the Accidental Tourist:
During WWII, many strangers were sheltered, and lives were saved in these stone walls.
And before that, in the 1700’s, this “mini-castle” used to be an orphanage.

As heirs of this abode, we want to honour its vocation:

to welcome strangers, ’til they are no longer strangers.

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